David Lloyd Rivinus - Violin Maker

These days, I am living on the Oregon coast

with my wife, Charlene.

Dear string players, friends and colleagues,

Those of you who have visited my website in the past can see that it has changed. The new look and abbreviated content reflect changes in my own life and circumstances, ones that affect how I do business these days.

While I intend to continue servicing the instruments of my customers for many years to come, and while I will continue to act as a broker for those owners of my instruments who wish to offer them for sale, I no longer manufacture new ones.

I made my first violin in 1972. As of this writing, I have been a luthier for well over 40 years, and it has been an absorbing and exhilarating profession. But I am ready to pull back and work part time.

Player injuries and ergonomics
The epidemic of player injuries continues unabated, and the need for ergonomic assistance is as great as ever. For that reason, I will continue to offer my instruments for sale whenever they become available. Those of you who may be interested in trying out one of my ergonomic violins or violas, or if you are an owner and wish to consider a consignment, please contact me at this link:  david@rivinus-instruments.com.

Currently available
(updated April/May 2021)

At the moment I have the following instruments available for sale:

Pellegrina viola--full-sized, including case           $11,900

Pellegrina viola--5-string configuration,               $12,100
including case 

Pellegrina Super-Mini, including case                  $11,900

For more information
For those who may wish to learn more, I'd like to recommend the YouTube clip on the right. It runs slightly over 11 minutes, and despite the fact that the producer misspelled my name, the clip offers an excellent overview of my work, as well as a clear and succinct explanation of how these instruments help players who are suffering from pain and injury.

With very best wishes,